I am facilitating a workshop where you can build a basic guitar effect box. In this afternoon session you’ll build a professional-quality fuzz circuit and mount it in a metal stomp box. If you don’t like fuzz, don’t fret, we have other effects to choose from! In this workshop, you’ll learn soldering, wiring, circuitry, and audio electronics.

Sign up now and before long, you’ll be playing garage rock, or even Hendrix, with an authentic sound. No prior electronics experience is necessary. Workshop participants will build a fuzz effect circuit and mount it in a metal enclosure. The effect is yours to keep and use best of all it is suitable for further modification.

This is a workshop is a $55 value. Since this is the first time I’m offering the workshop, you’re in for a mere $35.


In this workshop, you’ll make something similar to the stomp box pictured above, without the stomp switch.

When: Saturday, June 25 · 1:30pm – 4:30pm


Vitamin D Art Space at Dialect Design
3204-C North Davidson Street
Charlotte, North Carolina

For more info:




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