Blank Shield Schematic for Arduino Uno


For a recent project, I created a shield template for the Arduino Uno. MOST of the bugs are out, as I did use it once and then corrected the few shortcomings that I encountered. These linked files should give you a decent head start over creating your own shield in Eagle CAD or adapting an existing design for your needs.

assy dwg

What I did: Starting with the UNO reference schematic, I removed the parts that I did not need and left the parts necessary to interface to the Uno.


I made a shield template that puts the user at this starting point:

    • All schematic parts are on the 0.1 default grid. (Until you try to
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  • work with with parts off of the grid, you’ll not appreciate how frustrating this can be.
  • I put all important top side text on to layer 21 so that my preprocessor put the text onto the Gerber file silk layer.
  • I put all of the Arduino interface connectors on the far right side of the schematic because I like my circuit to flow left to right.
  • I framed the schematic.
  • On a hunch, I left a few filter caps and LEDs on the board.
  • Also I have a section of called Commonly Used Parts. <Common Sense alert> If you don’t use ‘em, delete ‘em.

Get the schematic and layout in a zip file here:


~ by ratdad on December 25, 2011.

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