Effect Number Two: Designing in Three Dimensions

For my 2nd effect, I planned to build a Muff Fuzz. It looks like I’ll have to take a step back on this one. This is destined for a friend, how has served as my music industry consultant. My idea was to have the circuit connectorized so that we could easily swap the circuit. Also, I wanted to put it into a sleeker case than my first Fuzz effect. I now know that the beautiful Hammond 1590B enclosure can accommodate the circuitry, but not the connectorization scheme.

small box

It looks like I’ll have to hardwire the components. Luckily, this does not preclude all experimentation. The Muff Fuzz is essentially a Fuzz Face front end, with clipping diodes on the output, like an MXR Distortion+.  There are many ways to select and configure the output diodes. Soon, we may know which are the most interesting combinations.


~ by ratdad on June 13, 2011.

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