Parting Thoughts on the DOD FX55

After I fixed the effect, I put it back together, finger-tight. That is, installed all of the hardware and screwed the hex nuts on finger tight. So everything was assembled, but loosely.

I inserted the FX55 in the signal path, between my guitar and amp. Instant success. But, wait I couldn’t turn it off! Actually every time I stepped on the switch, I heard a click coming out of the amp, but theĀ  effect remained ON. Well this effect uses active switching, rather than true bypass. The schematic indicated that the case played no active role in the circuitry. The problem was one of these two choices (1) circuit noise or (2) I broke something. After tightening all of the hex nuts and screwing the case on securely everything worked fine. Note to self: this item is noise sensitive.


~ by ratdad on June 10, 2011.

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