DOD FX55 Guitar Distortion Effect Repair

A good friend let me borrow a few of his commercial  fuzz effects so that I could use them to compare to my FuzzFace clone and evaluate my handiwork. One of those items was the DOD FX55. I’m not sure how to describe the sound from the FX55, but when I play with it, I wish I knew some Deep Purple tunes.

Anyhow, the output jack on the FZ55 was finicky and I offered to fix it. At this stage of my interest in guitar effects, I’m glad to get inside as many effects as I can and see how others have designed the mechanical aspects of their effects.


DOD FX55 Distortion

This venerable old beast has given years of service and now it needed some service. Its problem was that the output jack has to be in an exact certain position, or it would not work. Luckily, I had a plastic replacement jack that fit into the DOD.

IMG_4401 Have a look inside

This effect was made in the USA, back in 1983. Not very pretty. That’s the defective output jack with the sky blue and black wires attached. Once the jack was unscrewed from the case, its problem was obvious. The tip contact was bent. Take a look.

Old (Red Arrow) and New (Green Arrow) Output Jacks

The red arrow points to the broken jack. Notice the twisted tip contact, as compared to the good jack (green arrow).

This effect was actually easy to service.  The PCBA is held in place by the potentiometers. The wires are long enough to move things around without stressing the wires or the components.

IMG_4406 See how the PCBA flips out for easy access.

While I was inside, I also replaced the battery connector. There’s not much to it. Used FX55s are cheap on eBay and there are a few web sites that detail circuit mods. The fix required abut $4 in parts and a few hours of my time, but I got a hands-on peek into another stomp box.


~ by ratdad on June 1, 2011.

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