Fuzz Face

For my first project with the Five-In-One PCB, I built up a board as a Fuzz Face clone. Thing went smoothly during assembly. With one capacitor tweak, it worked pretty well. I added a stomp switch so that the effect is practical. The Original Fuzz Face had a volume pot and a tone control. The volume pot seems superfluous, as the effect output is a few dB lower than in the bypass position. I am curious about the tone control, so I will add that soon.

That’s a three pole, double throw switch to give true bypass and an Effect-On indicator LED. Since this a prototype, I put aside my Hammondenclosure for the time being. I followed Andrew Carrell’s lead and mounted the PCBA in a 4 x 4” electrician’s box. The electrical box is cheap, roomy, and readily available, so it’s a reasonable choice for anyone.

I’m someone who is relatively inexperienced with guitar effects. So at first, when I had the effect working, I really didn’t now I it worked correctly. Luckily I have friends. On Wednesday a package arrived with several guitar effects, on loan from my buddy Al. My first choice from this grab bag of effects was the Tweak Fuzz. This is a Seymore Duncan product that allows you to adjust the tone to match several popular styles of Fuzz. To my inexperienced ears, my FuzzFace compares favorably with the Tweak Fuzz.

The fuzz works identically with either box. With the guitar volume pot at full volume, the fuzz tone really cranks in. As you back off on the volume pot, the tone cleans up. I’ll have to work on embedding sound clips into the next post, so that you, dear reader, can listen and compare.


~ by ratdad on May 6, 2011.

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