Parts is Parts, fused into Fuzz

These are the parts from my CFL. I’m going to use them to build a fuzz effect. I’ve already listed the component values in a previous post, but I thought that a picture might be helpful.

Why fuzz? Well Ive owned an electric guitar for 30+ years, but never played it much. Although For the last 20 years or so, I’ve enjoyed playing my acoustic guitar. Just recently, a friend let me borrow his Alesis Ineko, a fun guitar effects box that has 48 different digital effects. It’s not a stomp box; it’s more like a studio musician’s tool. While it was fun to play with all of the different effects and get some otherworldly sounds out of the electric guitar, fuzz quickly became the go-to effect for me. If you’d like to read up on the fuzz circuit, try this web page.


~ by ratdad on March 21, 2011.

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