CFL Guitar Effects, Part III

I finally disassembled my CFL circuit. I got these components below:

Component Value Qty
Transistors 4126PL 2
Resistors 333kΩ 1
500kΩ 1
10Ω 2
Diodes IN4007 5
Capacitors 4nf 1
50 nf 1
22 nf 1
100 nf 1
2 nf 1
7 nf 2
15 μf 1

There were a few others components as well, but for this project they’re not too interesting.  The 4126 transistors are listed as HIGH FREQUENCY SWITCHING TRANSISTORS FOR BALLASTERS in the sparse UTC specification sheet. With a Collector-Emitter Voltage of 200 V and a Peak Collector Current of 3 A, this is a big rugged transistor. The diodes are rugged as well, are rated at 1 amp, 1000v. Compare this to the 1n914s or 1N4148 diodes in your typical effects circuit.

While this is a good complement of parts, any of the five effects circuits will require a few off-the-shelf components to complete the circuits, most notably, resistors.

I’d estimate that the PCBs are two weeks away. Soon I’ll be able to build a few and evaluate my work.



~ by ratdad on February 4, 2011.

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