CFL Guitar Effects, Part II

Since my last post on the CFL guitar effect, I have made good progress. Careful thought about how the PCBA would fit into the enclosure caused me to rearrange the component layout. I considered how the circuit board would be positioned in relation to the other components that make up the effect. As pictured in the last post, the component layout was all wrong. I didn’t like where the power jack would poke out of the enclosure and the wires to the ¼” jacks would be unnecessarily long.

Both for work and for home projects, I’ve been using BatchPCB. Nowadays, there are many shops that offer one-off PCBs for reasonable prices. Both as professional building lab equipment and as a hobbyist, I’m glad I can assemble circuits without using perf boards or similar prototyping options. At approximately $2.50/in2, PCBs are the way to go.

Before I sent my Gerber files to BatchPCB, I checked my schematic against each one of the five circuits listed in the Sounds from Old CFLs project. I found that I had missed one capacitor. But other than that, through selecting the right components and adding jumpers you can build any one of the five circuits on the one circuit board. The board sent to BatchPCB looks like this:


5 in 1 version 2

I must admit that I have a lot of misgivings about component placement and circuit board mounting. However I’ve gone as far as I can go in CAD. I need to build a few versions of this so I can evaluate the optimum design and assembly methods. Oh, and the way, the effects’ sound will factor heavily in future modifications.



~ by ratdad on January 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “CFL Guitar Effects, Part II”

  1. Nice! Are you going to post samples when you get it all put together?

    I notice you’re using the “proportional” font on your silkscreen. When it gets converted to gerbers, those are going to be changed to “vector”, and is going to look a little different. “Vector” usually takes up more space than “Proportional”, so some things that fit won’t fit anymore.

    If you go to “Options -> User Interface” in Eagle, you can make it always use Vector font, and not have that problem.

  2. Thanks. The font inconsistency troubled me. My observations match yours, but I didn’t know that I could switch to vector fonts.

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